Saturday, November 13, 2010

Twin Birthdays Take a Whole Week

Hey all, in case you didn't know, T1 and T2's 8th birthday is next Saturday.  And this means birthday parties.  That's right, I said "parties."  We used to do the twins' birthday party as one large event.  They had the same preschool friends; we invited both their classes to their parties; and, we invited many of their friends who are family friends we've had since they were babies.

I tried to talk them out of the birthday party this year.  "Don't you just want to go to Disneyland or something?" I tried to bribe.  "Seriously," they said.  "We go to Disneyland all the time.  I want to do something special."  What's more special than Disneyland?  Quality problems, I tell them.  But they're growing up, and they have completely different interests now.  I finally sucked it up and decided to give them each their own birthday party on different days.

Sunday proved to be the best day, so one party is tomorrow, and one is next week.  Now, I know that parents with two kids always have to plan two birthday parties--they just get to do it at completely different times of the year.  There could be advantages to doing them back to back.  I'm thinking whatever I screw up at the first one, I can fix at the second one.  I can serve any left over cheese from the first one at the second one.  Of course, the baking party for girls will be completely different from the Pokemon party for boys, but I'm thinking bulk paper goods.  Smart and Final, here I come.

So we're ready for the baking party.  I made 30 some odd cupcakes tonight that the girls will decorate tomorrow.  They're in the shape of an ice cream cone, so they can fashion the frosting to look like ice cream.

even upside down, those are looking pretty good

We're also going to make salt-dough ornaments and decorate those.  T2 better like this party.  'Cause, while nothing makes me happier than to see little girls with flour smudges on their faces and chocolate smears near their mouths, I'm exhausted. 

More photos tomorrow of the cupcake masterpieces.


Suzanne Grani said...

While I don't have twins, I too have suffered thru the double birthday mayhem. H & J's birthdays are just two days apart. In the beginning, I was able to double up, but with a seven year age difference that didn't last long. Two years ago, we did TWO parties back to back on a Saturday! Last year we did TWO parties back to back - but one on Friday night and one on Saturday. This year, I was able to convince one child to go to DL, so it was just ONE party this year! I sympathize and wish you much luck - in the many double birthdays you'll celebrate!

LauraJean said...

That's pretty cute, too, Lynnie. Those are some lucky kids.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Wow, those ice cream cone cupcakes are completely adorable!! Hope both parties are a big success!