Monday, November 1, 2010

Small Town Halloween

Wow, I just went on Facebook this morning, and everyone is posting about their Halloween.  There's my niece, who made a killer Dia de los Muertos mask with make up on her face, a bunch of cute 5th grade nerds, and lots and lots of parents getting in the spirit with their kids.

We live in a small town.  It's got a population of about 25,000 and a small city limit.  This all adds up to running into neighbors and friends everywhere we go.  Our weekends are filled with this: soccer games, grocery store, and the local yogurt shop.  Last night, we joined the throngs of trick or treaters who cruised along one of the major residential streets.  Houses decorated.  Kids running like crazy.  Streets actually blocked off because foot traffic is more prevalent than street traffic.

My kids got more candy than they can eat in a lifetime, and the visited the scariest house in town.  Freddy Krueger even jumped out of a corn field they erected in their front yard to scare innocent trick or treaters.  T2 braved the front door for a handout, but T1 stayed quietly on the sidewalk until a chain saw maniac ran wild in the street.  Terrified, they said they were ready to go home.

Voldemort and Hermione aim wands
It was cold.  Good thing I finished that scarf.

Dang, could he look any more un-dead?

Ummmm, yeah

It's not Halloween unless you're stuffing your face with candy

I am so proud of the homemade costumes which fit right in with the tons of Harry Potters we saw around town.  Hope you had a great Halloween too.  What traditions make your town special?


Aging Mommy said...

Those costumes worked just perfectly and look amazing, as does the wonderful job (I assume that was you too) done on your son's face. Glad you had a wonderful night.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

T2 is PERFECT as Hermione!!! (I won't say the same for T1, because that's just mean, and not true!)


MomAgain@40 said...

We don't do Halloween here in South Africa! It is catching on, though. Next year I definitely want to give it a try! It sounds like so much fun!
Love the pics :D You look great!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Oh your town sounds SO awesome! I like living in a big city for certain things, but small towns do have really awesome advantages. Like your Halloween sounds so nice with kids running the streets. In our neighborhood almost no one passes out candy anymore probably because everyone is afraid or something. We went around but there were very few houses with lights on. The kids still had a blast, but I love the sound of your evening! Your costumes were awesome too!! I can't believe you made them yourself. You rock.

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip said...

Oh and one more thing! You made a super cute pirate!! Arg!