Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is Family Dinner a Thing of my Past?

I'm remembering when the twins were babies and we had family dinner every night. DG and I would sit down with the kids in the high chairs, we'd eat the same thing at the same time, talk about our day and watch the kids bang on their trays.

This practice continued when the kids were toddlers. Then, the only meal-time problems were getting them to stay in the chairs. It was a great way to end the day.

Fast forward to 2nd grade and activities 4 times a week, and family dinner is an anomaly, something treasured mostly in memory. Now, when we do eat together, it's a rush through meal to get to the homework or reading or getting ready for bed. It's not the lesiurely French family I fantasize about with long conversation, wonderful drinks and gourmet food.

Researchers say that families who eat dinner together have a better chance of having well-behaved, intelligent, and beautiful children who grow up to be rocket scientists and fashion models. It's the panacea for all that ails families. But is it out of my reach?

I'm wondering this as I am writing on my Droid, at T1's karate lesson, while I'm about to go get 3 different meals for 3 members of my family. (DG be damned tonight -- he's on his own.)

Do you have family dinner at your house? What do you like about it? What about it is difficult or frustrating? I await your wisdom...


Aging Mommy said...

We do not have family dinner - my daughter eats such a limited range of foods, my husband is often very late home in the week, so dinner together does not happen. I am OK with that, so long as we spend time together, i ways other than over dinner.

MomAgain@40 said...

We don't have family dinner round a table, but usually in front of the television during the week. It's the first time of the day we get to sit down and watch something. At about 18H30. After that it's bath- and bed-time. During the weekend we spend time around the table...
We should actually schedule a sit-down dinner at least once during the week?