Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Presence of Children

I was at a meeting tonight in a school classroom where several vocabulary words were written on the board.  I was struck by the word, Presence.

Presence is one of those words that, when altered into its other word forms, has multiple usages and meanings. There's the "presence" in the room. It can be a person, a feeling, or movement.  There's the "presence" of attendance, the act of paying attention.  And then there's being "present" in the here and now--a sense of all else before or after having no significance compared to this moment. 

I was thinking of this tonight as I went in and checked on the children after they were asleep.  I want to capture each moment and live it exactly as it's supposed to be.  I know for most working moms (hell, for moms in general), the running and scheduling and sheer magic of keeping it all going everyday disallows for finding the beauty in any moment.  And for me, this means in all the taking care of my children, I forget to notice them.  They will only be 8 years, 3 months, and 18 days old once, and for this one moment, they are perfect.

I'm honing in on their presence.


Cafe Pasadena said...

We are juggling so many "things" each day that it's impossible to be present for each thing. Maybe we need to identify those few things in life we want to slow down for.

Amy said...

I am also trying to be present in each moment with Nola. I am trying o not let my mind race away to the hundred other things I need to be doing while I am reading the same story for the 15th time or running in circles in the backyard playing "catch me." Lately, my mind drifts away and I am working to get back in the moment because these moments will soon be gone.

Making It Work Mom said...

It is hard isn't it? There are always so many things to do and be distracted by. I think I need to make your pledge!