Thursday, March 3, 2011

Freedom from Myself

Today's word is Freedom:

I used to feel I was responsible for my own life.
It's how we're taught from a very young age.
"You're independent; do what you want to do."
If I work hard, I can have anything--do anything.

But what I want is not a solitary wish.
It does not exist in the realm of Me with no one else.
When I strive for a wish, dream, goal,
I must trounce over the others along the way. They're in the way.

But the path of my life does include others.
I have a special one who shares my life and to whom I am
I can't make some decisions about myself without thinking of the outcome--for him.

I have two little ones whose well beings depend on
choices I make for my life.
They're watching and learning how to be themselves
from my example.

When I'm so much in my head, reeling over how well I solved this problem
or how badly I did on that issue, I'm taking away from the others in my life.
The talk in my head over what I need to do to control the others around me
so that I can be calm, needs to be squelched.

In the context of belonging to others, I have freedom.
I let go of the control over everything, including them, and I can have peace.
Nothing I say or do can make the world exactly the way I want, to suit me.
Freedom from myself means a better me.


MomAgain@40 said...

Interesting concept!
Well said

LauraJean said...

I like this one, Lynnie

Making It Work Mom said...

Well said. I like this word of the day thing.