Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In a word...31 days worth

So the theme at National Blog Posting Month for March is "In a Word."  Words are the very essence of what I do--at work, when teaching, while engaging with my children, in communication with anyone.  This March, I'm going to explore the presence of these words in my life and post about how they inspire, enrage, comfort, and perplex me.

I'm convinced that I can find a plethora of words to expound upon in the coming days, but I'm not at all under the illusion that I can cover the gamut of the diction related to raising children, working, or balancing a desire for individual fulfillment with the responsibilities of running a household and educating first-time college students.  That's why I want to know what words spring to your mind that describe your day-to-day experience.

Is it HAPPY?






I want to know--what's your word of the day?


MomAgain@40 said...

Love the "words" idea! My word o the year is "Energy", becase I need so much of it! :D

Autherine said...

Grateful. Grateful to have the opportunity to feel overwhelmed. Grateful that I have a full time job and 3 babies and I am still standing.

Making It Work Mom said...

Learning. I feel like my late 30's have turned into my learning years. I am constantly learning things about myself, learning how to be a mom to someone who doesn't need their diaper changed, learning how to be a good wife (not just surviving marriage), learning how to be a good adult friend. So many things.
Great idea.