Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspired by Today's Word: Time -- or lack thereof

Oh sweet weekend, why do you have to be so fickle?

You tease me on Thursday night with the promise of hours and hours 
and hours and hours.

I can sleep in.  I can wake up early.  We're running, jumping, playing.
I am free, unencumbered by the meetings,
classes and responsibilities of work and family life.

I have all weekend to:

work on kid's science project
fold laundry
grocery shop and cook meals
grade papers

But you're a jezebel, weekend.  You promise, but you don't deliver.
Sunday night creeps into sight, a dark cloud of an impending storm blanketing
the earlier sunshiney landscape, with it a chill of inevitable change.

And then....the time is gone. Work week is on the horizon, Monday hammering
on the door. 

So, I'm on to you, weekend.  You can't pull this over on me again next week.
Next week, I'm gettin' fortified.


MomAgain@40 said...

Great post! LOL The promise of weeknd just goes by woosh...!

LauraJean said...

AHHHHH HAAAA. "Next weekend I'm gettin fortified" - LOL. Very funny. Love this post. I miss u.