Friday, March 18, 2011


Today's word is:  Community

I live in a small town, and since my kids have been attending the elementary school, I am starting to create a community of moms whose kids all go to the school, and whom I am happy to call my friends.  This is a feat that is not very easy to accomplish.  I find as I get older, it is harder and harder to make friends.  I just don't have a lot of time to invest in getting to know someone.  I know that sounds so selfish and weird, but it's just logistics.  I mean, I have a hard time scheduling a date night with my husband, and I live with him!

Anyway, today was one of the those wonderful community days when all the neighborhood moms I like we just put into my path.  First I took my friend's son to his preschool.  She's torn her Achille's tendon and is in a cast, unable to drive, for 3 months.  She was in the car while I delivered her son to the preschool, where I have never been, and I ran into two other moms.  We all decided to go for coffee.  We talked about our kids lying (that's a post for another day, but a doozy it is for sure), and they we were on to the next thing.  We went shopping at Nordstrom Rack (super bargains), and then, we picked up the children and went to the park.

We spent 4 1/2 hours in the park this afternoon.  Our kids ran into friends from school again and again as the afternoon wore on.  I sat on our blanket, knitting, and got to visit with one friend after another.  The sun was warming my face and the filtered light through the spring foliage dancing on my blanket had such a familiar spring-like quality that reminds me of how wonderful it is to be outside, communing.

Having people who make your life special is a wonderful gift.  And as I take the time to have days like this, the more I will be able to bring in people to make the perfect community.  And for that I am wonderfully grateful.

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Making It Work Mom said...

I am experiencing that community of mothers right now. It is so nice to come out of that haze of little ones and to actually have time to socialize with other moms and discover you have similar interests.
Too funny - I just wrote a post about lying!