Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home is Where You Let Your Guard Down

Today's word is:  Appreciation.

I have a tremendous appreciation for my life these days.  I have a job that I love that allows me unbelievable flexibility and rewarding work.  I have children who, most of the time, are cooperative and fun to be around.  And I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, picks up where I am lacking, and shares my desire to jam pack our life with experiences, for better or worse, everyday.

So imagine my giddiness this morning as I looked forward to his coming home after a 5-day business trip.  Lots of husbands leave for long periods of time, their wives experiencing single parenthood first hand, but this was the first time DG has gone away for more than a night or two.

I was as organized as the highest paid office manager in a Fortune500 company.  I made lunches, got kids to school, went to work, remembered to put gas in the car....  I knew exactly who needed to be where and how long it would take to negotiate that fine dance of organization that makes a family with multiple children run smoothly.  I had it down.  Never once during the 5 days did I forget anything, overlook a task, or lose my patience with a child.

DG has been home since about 3 pm.  Since then, I've found myself neglecting to turn off a stove burner, glued to the couch, light headed with exhaustion, and unwilling to do any of the things that made the days go so smoothly while he was gone.  Maybe I'm finally letting my guard down.  Maybe I was afraid to stop the intensity of extreme home/life management because to do so would mean, I'd lose my focus and spin out of control.  Or maybe DG grounds me so imperceptibly that just his presence alleviates the pressure of having to do it all, because I know now I don't have to.  Reinforcements are here, and they're welcomed with open arms.

Welcome home, DG.  We missed you.


MomAgain@40 said...

I find myself having the same "problem". I am much more organized when Hubby's away... :D
We are lucky to have them in our lives!


Lovely tribute to your man :) You sound like you are fierce when you have your game face on. I need more of that! Thanks for the inspiration!

Making It Work Mom said...

I am so efficient when my husband is gone. It amazes even me.
So nice that you appreciate your hubby so much!