Saturday, January 22, 2011

Music is Fun--If You Get to Make It

My sister and brother-in-law are musicians.  Between the two of them, they have a dozen albums, play in multiple bands, and run a recording studio.  Ever since the twins were toddlers, they've been trying to get them in the studio to record a song.  Trouble is, they really didn't want toddlers in there with all that equipment, fragile guitars and lots of other "attractive nuisances" (a real legal term, according to DG).

Now the kids are definitely old enough, at 8, to try music.  Last weekend when we were there, this is what they came up with:

I know, the song is arguably little kid like, but come on! They performed all the instruments (except for rhythm guitar and bass, masterfully recorded by Uncle D).  It was so fun watching T1 go through the song, concentrating on his bass drum, making sure that he hit it hard enough, but not too hard.  His eyes focused on my hand waving down each time he was to hit; he held his mouth in a little, intense smirk, keeping his brain in only one place.

T2 was the consummate lead singer.  When we listened to the playback, she kept saying, "I just want to make sure it sounds perfect."  They did 2 live takes and a couple of over-dubs to put in the lead guitar, snare drum, and background vocals.  What an amazing, creative experience for them.

My brother-in-law is thinking of offering this kind of workshop for kids in the Bay Area.  I say, heck yeah.  Get those kids in the studio.  It's not music class like piano or violin, clarinet or flute, but it's having a vision, creating the components of that vision, and watching it all come together in a finished piece in a few hours. And it's FUN. Kids should be having fun.  And they don't have to be perfect at it to create something beautiful and memorable for themselves.


clueless but hopeful mama said...

How cool is this?! They should definitely teach that as a class. I bet, especially in the Bay Area, they'd have a lot of students!

Making It Work Mom said...

They are so awesome! I love it. I found something like this in our area a few years ago, but my children were stil too young. Now they are old enough, but I can't find it anymore!
What a great experience for them!

MomAgain@40 said...

Simply stunning! What a great experience and something to cherish for always. Wish there were something like this on our side of the world...


"My mom wouldn't let me go outside!"
I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it!!!
That is the coolest! I think offering this as a workshop is a FANTASTIC idea. It is a fabulous way of capturing an age and stage and such a cool, creative experience for the kids.
Did I mention I LOVE IT?