Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas w/o the family

I've mentioned how much I miss my family who are scattered up and down the west coast with me being the only one in Los Angeles. And at Christmas, this used to be a major travel time for us with trips to visit my sister in Oakland, DG's family also in the Bay Area, and my mom and brother in Seattle.  In recent years, however, we've decided that we want our kids to have their own Christmas traditions and we now stay home.  The kids wake up in their own beds, go out to their own living room, and greet the wonder that Santa has left them.

But the best part of all?  We don't entertain anyone on Christmas day.  No one comes over for dinner, we don't have to go anywhere to be with relatives, we don't even need to have a fancy dinner in the dining room with the china.  We can stay in our pajamas all day and enjoy not having to do anything.  That's what we did this year.  We ate Chinese food at the counter for lunch.  I made Prime Rib for just the 4 of us (it only had one bone!).  We sat on the couch and watched A Christmas Story and drank hot chocolate in front of the tree.

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE spending time with family and friends.  We had an amazing time with friends on Christmas Eve with a wonderful dinner and singing Christmas carols around their living room piano.

I have a tripped planned to visit my sister in mid-January, and the whole family will trek to Seattle for my mom's 78th birthday in April.

But this Christmas--gloriously alone, and I don't regret it.

So the Holiday wrap up goes like this:

T1 and T2 standing next to each other in the school program. Miracle!

A super rainy night at Disneyland. The rain looks like snow in the camera.

Listening to amazing carolers at the Tam 'O Shanter's holiday dinner

Christmas morning. I was the only one up FOREVER. Kids didn't get up until after 8!

Reading the response letter from Santa. He asked them to be good to each other in the new year and to listen to their parents. hahahaha

T2's special trip to the American Girl Store with friends for a fabulous lunch.

Overall, our holiday break has been wonderful.  Now on to New Year's resolutions.  I am definitely going to do things differently in 2011.  How about you?


Organized Working Mom said...

I completely agree! Most of my family is a (long) plane ride away. We used to have huge family Christmases and at first I missed them, but this year we had Christmas at home and it was WONDERFUL. The kids stayed in jammies all day and we all got to relax.

Making It Work Mom said...

I love love the picture of the twins standing next to each other in the school program. Priceless!

Sam said...

If you want to talk about Aspie stuff, I'm available.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Major "holidays" have become too much work, expense, and obligation. I need a true holiday from the holidays!

I admire your decision to change with the times & not do the traditional or expected. Next time try this: do nothing but sleep in late, then wake up to a cup of R & R.

MomAgain@40 said...

It sounds like a perfect Christmas! Next year we also want to do it on our own.
This year has also started with a few changes in the pipeline for me...
Good luck and best wishes for your 2011!

Anonymous said...

Same here. We spend Christmas at home and I love it. Since we had the babies I prefer being home building our own traditions rather than traveling around the globe to visit with the family.

amy said...

Looks wonderful! Happy New Year!

william2233 said...

I liked your site, from a children author of Concord, Ca.